About Us

Affordable IT originally started out as a web hosting and domain name registration company back in early 2015 and went by the name of Affordable Hosting UK. Our original goal was to help home and small business users have a web hosting platform that allows you to manage every aspect of your website through one control panel without having to break your bank account to pay for the hosting. As the web hosting side of the company began to grow there were more and more requests for IT Support or IT Services to be provided to our customers. It was only in October of 2015 that we decided the company would expand into the IT Support and Services and begin to offer a wider range to our valued customers.

Since October we have been working hard on putting together modern IT Services that can be used by both home and business users in order to enhance the way you use your IT systems. While doing all of this we have kept our 4 core principles in mind: simple – affordable – reliable – secure.

  • We know how confusing technical jargon can be to people, and that’s why we like to keep things simple and keep it to a minimum. Talking in plain English allows us to explain issues to both technical people and non-technical people.
  • When you’re a small business or a home user setting up for the first time cash flow can be quite tight. This is why we want to make our products and services as affordable as possible so that it doesn’t break your bank account.
  • Most companies these days rely on internet based systems such as email in order for their business to operate. Because of this we only build reliable systems that are simply going to work. This means you don’t have to worry about having systems offline when you first come into work in the morning.
  • Data is precious to companies and a data leak could hurt a company to no extent. Because of this we have 1 simple rule: “If it’s not secure with modern standards, we won’t sell it to you”. Every product or service that we sell to you is used by ourselves which constantly allows us to find ways to make systems more secure and keep your data where it belongs, with you.

As of June 1st 2016, Affordable IT became a VAT registered company (239 6149 81) in order to be able to offer better pricing on our products and services to our customers. When the company was formed we knew that one day VAT registration would crop up, so we initially structured our pricing around this inevitable change. This allowed us to reduce our prices once going VAT registered so that our customers ended up paying the same amount with the added bonus of being able to get 20% back if they were also VAT registered.

Our current goal is to ensure that all customers networks are locked down and as secure as they can be with all systems being monitored. This means that you will have peace of mind when coming into work that you can do what you do best – run your business.