Meet the Team

George Goodband
Founder and Managing Director
George has been working in IT for the past 11 years supporting a wide range of home and business users. He now aims to make all businesses more productive through the use of efficient IT systems.
Dave Whitehead
Level 1 Support Technician
Dave loves to take systems apart and put them back together after a good cleaning. He seems to think there’s something profoundly satisfying about knowing your PC is running smoothly and that the insides are nicely dust free. You’d be amazed how well the insides of a computer collect dust and fluff. Just call him the dust-bunny exterminator.
Sophie Gibson
Account Manager + Customer Services
Sophie has always been interested in working with people and helping clients whatever their needs may be. Sophie has spent many years working with people with special needs with many roles and responsibilities whilst also holding a neuroscience degree. In her free time Sophie enjoys spending time with her partner, family, and friends, eating out in good restaurants, live music and watching TV shows.