“Ok, Google.” Finally, after a long wait and rumours that it would not happen, Google’s home assistant and rival to Amazon’s Echo – ‘Alexa’ – has finally been confirmed for a UK release!

Google Home works very similarly to the Amazon Echo – it can provide answers to your questions such as “What is the weather?” or “Who voiced Woody in Toy Story?”. Anyone with a Google Pixel will be familiar with Google Assistant. Google Home works in pretty much the same way that google assistant does on your phone.

Much like the Amazon Echo, you can even ask the Google Home to play music and radio channels. It can also supply you with news and sports scores – as well as create shopping lists. If you have the correct equipment installed around your home, you can also use it to control your lighting and heating – as well as being able to connect to Google Chromecast devices. Google also promises a few easter eggs, as well as a few hidden treats for us British users.

The Google Home device will be available from the 6th April, and will be available for purchase in stores such as Argos and Maplin. It’s safe to say that us at Affordable IT are getting very excited for the release of Google Home.

You can find out more information on the Google Home and its features on the madeby google website here.