Auto-responders in Google Apps email are great if you aren’t able to read your emails for an extended period of time. Once your auto-responder has been enabled anyone that sends you an email will automatically be sent a reply.

How to setup an automatic reply in Google Apps e-mail

1. Login to your Google Apps email account and then select the settings cog and then the settings option from the top right hand corner of your screen.

Going into Google Apps Settings

2. When in the settings, scroll down to the bottom of the general tab. Here you will find the ‘Out of Office AutoReply’ section.

AutoReply in Google Apps for Work

3. To enable to AutoReply feature, click on the radio button next to ‘Out of Office AutoReply on’. Once you have done this, you can then configure the settings for your AutoReply.

Google Apps AutoReply On

From here you can specify when you would like the AutoReply to start and when you would like it to finish. You are also able to set a specific subject and message for the email that will be sent to people during this time period. Finally you can set the AutoReply to only be sent to people in your contacts list, or you can set it to only be sent to people within your organisation.

Google Apps who to reply to

If you leave both of these boxes unticked then the AutoReply will be sent to everyone who sends you an email message.

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