No, it’s not a laundry pun…

Folding@home is a computing project that was developed in the early 2000’s. It is a distributed computing project that studies protein folding and misfolding. In simple terms, it uses computer processing power to try and find cures for diseases.  The project see’s companies and individuals from all around the world come together to use their spare compute power in order to try and help find cures for diseases. More specifically at the minute the Folding@home project is working to try and help find a cure for Coronavirus.

Because the program uses spare computing resources, we currently have it running on several machines as well as some older servers that we had lying around to try and help out.

You can read more about the science behind it on the Folding@home website.

If you want to get involved then all your have to do is download Folding@home onto your machine and it will run in the background. You can set it to run all the time or you can set it to only run when your machine is idle and you aren’t doing anything.

You can check out the AFF-IT Team stats over at

If you wish to join our team then you simply need to put the team ID 251616 into the Folding@home client when you are running it.

Happy Folding!