Office 365 / G-Suite.

Thinking of moving your business to a cloud based solution? Both Office 365 and the G-Suite offer a range of tools to help your business work together and be more productive. Not to mention both services are cloud based allowing you to access your data from anywhere at any time.

With both solutions offering a range of different services, we would highly recommend having a discussion before jumping into one and finding out it isn’t right for you 6 months down the line.


As you and your company grow the amount of files and folders that you have will grow along with it. Over time this data becomes more and more precious and it only takes 1 disaster for all of your vital data to be lost in an instant. Secure, automated backups will ensure that all of your data is uploaded to our UK based servers on a daily basis so that if something was to happen, all we have to do is click a restore button and your data will be back with you. We understand that the security of your data is of the highest importance to you.

With the Affordable IT backup solution we have ensured that data security is our highest priority. As well as all data being stored in UK based data centres your data will also be encrypted (up to AES-256) on both backup and recovery (upload and download) meaning that throughout the data stream your data will remain secure and only to be seen by your eyes.

Telecoms & Connectivity.

The Affordable IT hosted VOIP solution is a low cost service that is available wherever there is an internet connection. You only pay for what you need on a per user basis and there is no need to invest high amounts of money on hardware, such as a PBX, upfront. Our system can be easily managed and changes can be made at the push of a button according to your businesses changing requirements while still allowing your employees to easily manage phone calls.

You will also benefit from low call costs and we can also setup a remote answering service so if you are unable to answer the phone it will be sent to a UK based centre where the phone will be answered as if it was your own company answering it. This reduces the amount of missed calls you get, and again you only pay for what you use keeping your costs down.

Going VOIP can also help you improve your employee productivity with the ability to easily hot desk, remote working and extending the service to mobile devices in order to ensure that you never miss a call. Even if there is an unexpected event such as flooding, snowing or office closures we can simply redirect your main number to a mobile device ensuring you can still operate as a business, even if you can’t get into the office.


We tailor all of our solutions to meet your individual business needs. It is best to have a conversation first to see what you want to achieve with your systems and how we can best help you do this. Even after we set you up with the services you need to run your business, we will still be there to work with and support you throughout the years. We are available Monday – Friday from 8.30 – 6.00 and you can get in touch with us for support by emailing us, calling or by submitting a ticket directly into our support portal.

Gillings Planning

Since the very start of Gillings Planning Ltd, George and the team at Affordable IT have continued to provide us with mountains of knowledge, support and all round good and honest advice. If you are looking for a reliable, professional and friendly team then Affordable IT are most certainly for you!

Anna G, Gillings Planning Ltd
Affordable IT has given us the best service I have experienced from IT providers. We moved to Affordable IT in mid 2016 and the service has been second to none. Fast, efficient and reliable. We could not recommend them enough. The depth of their knowledge and professionalism has been very impressive.
Paul R, Great British Biscotti Co
Afford A Print

George of Affordable-IT UK is a hard worker. I am very grateful for all the support and advice he gives our company Afford A Print for our I. T. Needs. George keeps our system backed up. He also transferred our email system to something much easier to work with. This was carried out quickly at a time when our email host had let us down badly. This ensured minimal business disruption and we were very pleased with the outcome. Highly recommended.

Nigel W, Afford A Print