Welcome to Affordable IT, Dave!

Dave has always been fond of technology, gaming on early home computers he remembers gems such as commander keen, lemmings and humans as being the building blocks of his love of tech.

Building his own machines since his early teens and even when studying for his degree in music he was building and maintaining computers for his own use as well as helping any friends and family out with issues they were having.

The step into the world of professional IT support seemed like a natural progression for Dave, why not turn a lifelong passion into a new career? He loves meeting new people and a job like his means Dave gets all the social interaction he needs whilst letting him nerd out and fix some computers at the same time!

In preparation for his step from home PC tinkerer to professional technician, Dave got himself an old decommissioned server and set to experimenting. Keeping things running smoothly and without overheating is Dave’s idea of a day well spent. Letting Dave clean the dust bunnies out of an old machine, installing shiny new parts or optimising the existing ones is a sure-fire way to keep a smile on Dave’s face.

One of the aspects of working for Affordable-IT that Dave is most looking forward to is getting to know his clients. Feel free to make conversation with him when you speak to him, he loves a good chat and we’re sure you’ll all find him easy to get along with. Dave cares deeply about doing a good job of things and making sure he’s done all he can on a task. Just make sure he knows what you’re expecting and he’ll do his best to make you smile.

Dave spends his spare time mostly with his family or gaming and making music. He’s not fussy about platforms or genres, there’s no one style that defines him, although rock music and PCs will always be his first loves, he’s just as happy spending time listening to other genre’s or using other hardware.