A brief look…

  • Keep your current phone number or get a new phone number
  • Low call costs
  • Free internal calling (even if you are calling from other countries)
  • Highly flexible and scalable system allowing you to add and remove users with ease
  • Minimal hardware investment required saving your company upfront money

Our hosted VOIP solution is a highly flexible, powerful and cost effective system to your traditional telephone systems.

Why go VOIP?

The Affordable IT hosted VOIP solution is a low cost service that is available wherever there is an internet connection. You only pay for what you need on a per user basis and there is no need to invest high amounts of money on hardware, such as a PBX, upfront. Our system can be easily managed and changes can be made at the push of a button according to your businesses changing requirements while still allowing your employees to easily manage phone calls.

You will also benefit from low call costs and we can also setup a remote answering service so if you are unable to answer the phone it will be sent to a UK based centre where the phone will be answered as if it was your own company answering it. This reduces the amount of missed calls you get, and again you only pay for what you use keeping your costs down.

Going VOIP can also help you improve your employee productivity with the ability to easily hot desk, remote working and extending the service to mobile devices in order to ensure that you never miss a call. Even if there is an unexpected event such as flooding, snowing or office closures we can simply redirect your main number to a mobile device ensuring you can still operate as a business, even if you can’t get into the office.

Why choose Affordable IT?

  • With our hosted VOIP solution you are able to keep your existing company numbers, or choose a new number. You have complete control of the system.
  • Our hosted VOIP solution is a managed service meaning if you need any changes to be made simply give us a call or send us an email and it will be done.
  • Flexibility of taking your VOIP phone wherever you need it while still staying connected to the same system.
  • Low calling and seat costs. Our call rates are one of the lowest and you only pay for what you use. We also bill on a per user per month basis meaning you can add or remove users when needed.
  • We do all the hard work! If you choose us we will get everything setup and running for you, including setting up number redirection so you can use your hosted VOIP solution even if your number hasn’t yet been moved over.

If you feel that your company could benefit from a hosted VOIP solution then get in touch today with us by calling 02380 000 770 or by emailing it@aff-it.co.uk.