A brief look…

  • Domain based pricing allowing you to filter as many email addresses as you like!
  • Unlimited domain aliases
  • Hourly, daily or weekly reports to see how much SPAM has been stopped in its tracks
  • Over 20 million filter rules, and counting!

With the increase in email use for business over the past 5 years, SPAM has become a more irritating addition on a daily basis. Let us stop SPAM in its tracks.

Why invest in Advanced email SPAM Filtering?

While our mail servers do a basic level of Email SPAM filtering, they don’t catch every SPAM message that makes it’s way into the server. Our advanced Email SPAM filtering solution will filter out 99.9% of email messages that are junk so that you only get the important business emails that you need to see. Our advanced SPAM filtering also comes with daily, weekly or monthly reporting so you know just how much junk has been kept out of the way.

On top of all of this, our advanced email SPAM filtering will filter out any virus or malware based emails adding another layer of security to your companies network. This means that you can open an email with peace of mind that it won’t contain any nasty attachments that will harm you or your business.

And best of all, this is a fully managed service meaning that we will set it up for you and get everything working. We will even do this for you if you aren’t using our mail servers!

Why choose Affordable IT for your Advanced Email SPAM filtering?

  • Fully managed service meaning that we take care of the setup and ongoing management of monitoring of your SPAM filtering.
  • We’re happy to work with you, even if your email isn’t hosted with us! We believe that everyone’s business should be as SPAM free as possible.
  • Over 20 million different filter rules, with more than 17,000 being added each day, to ensure that you only get what you need to see.
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly reporting to ensure you know your SPAM filtering is doing it’s job for you.
  • Billed on a per-domain basis meaning you can have as many email addresses as you like being filtered!
  • Unlimited domain aliases meaning you only pay for your primary domain.

If you believe that you are getting too much SPAM into your inboxe’s then we would love to help you out! Call 02380 000 770 or email it@aff-it.co.uk to see how we can solve your SPAM problem.

Affordable IT, stopping SPAM dead in it’s tracks.