It is getting more and more risky to use online services. A lot of personal data is stored in these services (or on “cloud services”) and you can even have credit / debit card or bank account details linked to these services. In order to help protect people, more and more websites are offering two-factor authentication (sometimes called 2FA) in order to lock down and secure online accounts. This added layer of security verifies your identity when you login to an online service by requiring you to both know something (such as a password) and have something (such as a 2FA device).

Duo Security

We partner with Duo Security to offer two-factor authentication services

How Two-Factor Authentication Works

When you activate two-factor authentication on an online service you will generally be asked for your mobile number. You will sign into a website or online service and then a code will be sent to you by text that you then also have to enter into the website. This method shows that you both know something (the login for your website or service) and have something (the two-factor authentication code). There are other options available to receiving a text message as well. For example you can also download and install an application onto your mobile phone (such as the Duo Security app) which will send you a notification when someone is trying to login to your online website or service. From here you can either then authenticate this login or decline it, depending on if you are the person logging into the account or not.

Most services will allow you to “trust” a device that you have logged into it with, such as your work computer or home computer, meaning that it won’t prompt you again for another ‘X’ amount of days for the two-factor authentication login. However if someone tries to login to your account from a different device then you will still have to go through the process on there. This helps prevent unauthorized access to your online services.

Why to use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor authentication helps to protect your sensitive and personal data. For example, if you use an online service such as iCloud or Dropbox you may have personal documents in there. These will initially be protected by your email address and password but if someone else gets access to this information they can potentially access your personal cloud accounts. However if you have Two-Factor authentication enabled then they will need to get the SMS code or be approved from the mobile device for the login to your account. Hackers love personal information and by adding another layer of security to your accounts you are prevent them from getting to this.

People can consider Two-Factor authentication an annoyance, however once you start using it the process will become part of your login routine and you won’t even notice it’s there after a while.

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