Dear George,

I wanted to write you a formal thank you for the services and assistance that you have provided me with since I became your customer a few months ago.

As you know, during the month of April I experienced two incidents affecting both mine and my customer’s businesses, both of which were severe enough to have the potential to put my business to an end given how early in by businesses’ life they had occurred.

After experiencing what was essentially a ‘go away, it’s your problem’ from my service provider at the time, switching to work with you could not have been more different.

I saw immediately that my customer’s websites and businesses were as important to you as they are to me. In my opinion you went above and beyond in providing me with a temporary server to get things back up and running quickly, while making the time to setup a solid set of new services, tailored to some quite specific requirements.

Putting aside the fact that the services you provide appear to be a cut above those provided by the biggest names in web hosting in the UK, the customer service you provide cannot be faulted and sets the example as to why people should turn to local, small businesses for the services wherever possible.

It is for this reason that I have no hesitation in recommending you to others for IT services.