Alongside ongoing IT Support, did you know that your IT company can probably offer you other services to help improve your IT systems? In this article, we will go over a few of the different services that your IT company may be able to offer to you.

Anti-Virus Protection

The main service that most, if not all, IT companies will be able to offer you would be anti-virus software that will help to protect both your machines and your servers. In most cases, anti-virus software that an IT company will provide will alert them immediately of any threats to your systems, so they will be up to date with the health of your machines. It is also usually cheaper to purchase an anti-virus through an IT company, than it would be to purchase a license from a commercial supplier.

Web / E-Mail Hosting

Web hosting is obviously essential if your company has a website. An IT company can usually offer web hosting services at affordable prices for their clients, so if you want to save some money on your web hosting costs, ask your IT company what they can do for you.

Alongside this, they can also offer e-mail hosting as the two go relatively hand-in-hand and may even come as a package deal. If you want a professional looking email address, so long as you have a domain, your IT company can probably get that all sorted for you too.

Physical and Online Backups

For a business, data backup and recovery is crucial. Think about it, what would you do if you wake up tomorrow and the last 5 years of data and hard work were suddenly gone forever? If you had backups in place, you will be able to restore your data to a back-up point, to minimise the loss in a disaster scenario.

Most IT companies will be able to offer you either physical back-ups (Drives plugged in to your server) or online – cloud – backup solutions. Ask your IT company what they would suggest in terms of backing up your corporate data.

Supply of Equipment

And finally, your IT company will be able to advise you in which equipment you should get. They should also be able to source the equipment for you, and have it all set up to your required specifications for a fixed price.

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