The following Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) will outline the use to which the Affordable IT servers and network may and may not be put to use. Any violations of the AUP will result in an immediate suspension or termination of your account. We strongly enforce the following policy and it is subject to change at any time. Any usage of our system and networks indicated full understanding and acceptance of the following AUP.

Illegal Activities

Customers may only use Affordable IT’s hosting servers for lawful purposes. Any transmission of any material that is in violations of any Country, Federal, State or Local regulations is prohibited. To this effect, illegal content is strictly prohibited as well as housing any copyrighted information (to which the customer does not hold the copyright or an appropriate license) on our servers. Additionally, using Affordable IT’s servers or network to conspire to commit or support the commission of illegal activities is forbidden as well.

Service Interruptions

Any activity which causes service interruptions to the Affordable IT servers or to any outside network. This includes, but is not limited to, the execution of Denial of Service attacks or other maliciously configured software.


Customers agree not to have any content on their site that sells or in any way makes available tools or methods to send unsolicited e-mail or usenet postings, or to use the Affordable IT servers to relay unsolicited e-mail or usenet postings. Any complaints that we receive will be taken seriously and will result in immediate account suspension and then termination, without a refund.