Our Core Values:

  • We exceed customer expectations
  • We listen and respect
  • We do more with less
  • We pursue, grow and learn
  • We are passionate and determined

It can be hard to choose a company that is going to support your day-to-day IT systems. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Affordable IT:

Our Experience
Even though we are a newly established company, we have got over 10 years of experience working in the IT Support and Web Hosting industry. This experience plus our passion for working with technology means we know what support you will need and also have the drive to improve your current systems and take them to the next level.

Our helpful and friendly staff
We aim to resolve all issues as quickly as possible while not confusing you with technical babble. We’ll let you know what caused your issues, what we did to resolve them and how to prevent it from happening again. We are happy to help you over the phone, by email or by visiting your offices.

Flexible IT Solutions
Every company, whether it be a sole trader or a business that employs 25 people, is different and will have a different set of requirements. Because of this, all of our systems and solutions are built with flexibility in mind allowing us to build a system for you that we can easily scale up or down depending on how your business changes over time.

Ease of switching
Whether your are simply transferring a Domain Name over to us for management or if you are looking to move all of your IT systems over we will take the work load off you and deal with everything. This allows you to get on with your day to day business operations while having peace of mind that your IT is being looked after in the background.

No Contracts
We don’t tie people into contracts. All of our services are on a 30 day rolling basis meaning that if you no longer require a service you simply need to give us 30 days notice and we will arrange for it to be cancelled for you.

We love what we do. Because of our passion for the business and what we do, all of the above comes naturally to us. This means that you are going to be put into the hands of an IT company that cares and want’s your business to grow and develop through the power of IT.