The following information is important for all current Affordable IT Customers:

As of the 1/6/2016 Affordable IT will be a VAT registered company. This means that 20% VAT will be included in the price of our products and services.

Does that mean prices are going up?

No. Not necessarily.
The pricing structure of Affordable IT was originally created with this eventual change in mind, meaning we can still offer great value even with the VAT included.
For example, our Remote Agent and Antivirus Service is currently £6. Once we become a VAT registered company, the price will become £5 with an added 20% VAT. The price for yourself as a customer therefore remains £6. Please note that some services are excluded from this price reduction.
Furthermore, to maintain our high standards of customer service, we will also be issuing VAT invoices as of 1st June. You will therefore be able to claim back the VAT you have paid on our products and services if you are VAT registered.
If you have any questions regarding us going VAT registered then please email or call us on 02380 000 770

No more excessive invoicing / email nagging

Afforable IT is always striving to move forward as a company, hence the VAT changes. We also realise that our current invoice system can also be rather overwhelming regarding the number of emails sent out.
As of the 1st June our invoice system will become much simpler, consisting of a monthly VAT invoice along with the applicable payment confirmation email.
Overdue invoice reminders will also continue to be sent where necessary.

Payment Terms

As of the 1st June our payment terms will be changing. In order to standardise due dates and ease the customer payment journey, we will be reducing our payment terms from 30 days to 14 days from invoice generation. For example, an invoice generated on the 1st June will be due on the 15th June.
We hope that these invoice changes will ease the payment process for our customers, whilst continuing to push forward to customer-centric vision we have for Affordable IT.


If you have any questions or queries about the above then please get in touch with us by calling 02380 000 770 or by emailing